About Us

With over 30 years experience, McConnell Poured Walls specializes in poured concrete walls, foundations and concrete footers throughout Northeastern Ohio.

The Vision

McConnell Poured Walls is an integral part of the McConnell Family of companies along with McConnell Excavating and McConnell Ready Mix.

McConnell Poured Walls started with Eric McConnell and his team’s vision to provide customers with a full service solution for their construction projects.

From start to finish, McConnell Poured Walls is dedicated to providing the highest quality product by using 4000 PSI on poured walls and 3000 PSI for footers ( above industry standards). Our Team at Mcconnell Poured Walls offers our services in the most efficient and effective manner.


McConnell Poured Walls takes pride in the relationship with McConnell Excavating and McConnell Ready Mix in providing customers with less down time and more competitive pricing. This unique bond offers customers affordable ultimate convenience in sourcing and managing projects.